Pinball Machine Reverse Engineering Kit

Home The Pinball Machine Reverse Engineering Kit (PMREK) includes source code for a Linux 2.6 kernel module and a user program to control Bally pinball machines manufactured between 1977 and 1985 via memory-mapped I/O.  It is the work product of the author's Master of Industrial Technology Reverse Engineering a Microcomputer-Based Control Unit.  The 0.3 version has been running a 1977 Bally model Evel Knievel for over a year and has been displayed at various public events like Pinball At The 'Zoo in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  It was the cover story for the November, 2005 issue of Linux Journal. The new 0.5 version includes a new interface board and kernel module enhancements to control the digital displays, as well as a more modular user program to make it easier to modify for playing other Bally games. Browse the source code.  The Pinball Machine Reverse Engineering Kit is a free, open source software project hosted on intended to encourage repetitions of the experiment using other Bally models and extending its functionality.
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